kSA 400 Lite and Camera for BandiT Systems

The kSA 400 is the most potent analytical RHEED system on the market offered by k-Space. Additionally, k-Space provides the customer support you need to understand and manage the most advanced monitoring tools in the photovoltaic industry. The company is also proud to announce an addition to the kSA 400 – the kSA 400 Lite. For instance, if you must obtain RHEED pattern analysis, but don’t require the full potency of kSA 400, the “Lite” version might be all you need. kSA Lite has similar gear and technical support; it delivers real time growth rate and you will be able to upgrade to the full system at any given time. But before you make a decision, which system suits your production needs best, compare the main differences in the systems’ software first.

In a nutshell, kSA Lite is the more basic software. The fundamental difference will be the manner of data acquisition – the kSA 400 has 7 modes unlike Lite that delivers a single images for computable static analysis and archiving; kSA Lite data analysis capability, storage and communication are also rather limited. Another innovation that k-Space is proud to offer this year is Camera for BandiT Systems. The camera is not required for system use, however, if you want to obtain images of the sample inside the chamber, the camera will provide you with an ability to look inside without having to move the System. This is an extra way to control the process, and you can easily add this optional camera to your BandiT System at any time. You can use this camera at the same time as you’re obtaining your BandiT substrate temperature. Also, until December 31st, k-Space offers specials on system upgrades, cameras, etc. and you can take advantage of 10% off!