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Regained my online Google Reputation

Finally i am back !! After a month long checking my site strategics and usage.  I finally able to help my site to do the better way. I got the Google notification that something wrong about my site. There is also a sudden increase in my site Bandwidth. When i checked with my hosting company, I was able to get the help of my hosting company. After getting the required input, finally i had made my site better and optimized one. Then i had emailed the things to Google, after valuvation,  i got reputation which i lost one month before. Finally i Regained my online Google Reputation

Now its time to move on!!



Temple Run 2 for Android Smartphone Hit the stores

Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2 For android

Temple Run 2 for Android Smartphone Hit the stores today. Google Play got more hits once the Temple Run 2 released and now the users are downloading with a lightning speed. Temple Run redefined mobile gaming.

New environment and powerups are a welcome addition to Temple Run 2. 3d graphics are best.

This Temple Run 2 game for Android Smartphone is available for any Android device with Android 2.2 Froyo os or higher version os. The game is free to use can be download through Google Play. For downloading just use the below Url Temple Run 2. The Google Play search is not working for Temple Run 2

Beauty of Temple Run 2 and main attraction is as follows:

  • Beautiful new graphics
  • Special powers for each character
  • new organic environments and obstacles
  • More achievements

New Mobile operating system – Firefox OS

Mobile operating system - Firefox OS
Mobile operating system – Firefox OS
The Latest News is that Mozilla Foundation had build a new operating system that is free as the Web. Mozilla claims that Firefox OS will provide an alternative to current Mobile operating system.

Firefox OS is another one of the revolution Mobile operating system coming to the market with the much hype.

Mozilla Foundation started the operating system as Boot to Gecko and currently it is called as the Firefox OS.
Firefox OS is an all HTML5, Javascript and CSS framework, and truly Open Source.

The Firefox OS comes with most challenging strategy. The Web-based operating system Firefox OS will gain access to the hardware such as telephony or camera.

Firefox OS is a conventional browsing environments the Web requests are handled by the native operating system like iOS, Android or Windows, creating an abstraction between hardware and the Web framework.

Using Javascript and Web Application Programming Interface (API) Boot to Gecko has already been able to demonstrate most of the functions by directly accessing system resources.

The first prototype of this os was demonstrated in the CES 2013. The official announcement of Firefox OS will done in a weeks time.

Google’s new look re-design of Google Plus +

Google has introducted a complete redesign for its social network, which now boasts social networking experience.
The new look design to Google Plus had been rolled out to all users today. User can view only the new look design in Google Plus.

The look of the news stream is also updated. The photos are full bleed and posts are now shown in conversation cards that are better at separating each post.

google-plus-new look
Google plus New Look

The new Google Plus is more functional and flexible. Google also introducted a new concept Instead of static icons at the top Google has created a dynamic ribbon of applications on the left, on which users can drag apps up or down.

Now there is a new Hangouts page, which is more accessible. As Google moved the feature into its own app in the navigation ribbon. The page acts as a destination where you can find all hangouts currently in progress.

It actually looks pretty good and easier to work on.

It is Sony Mobile Not Sony Ericsson

Sony takeover of what is now Sony Mobile whcih is previously called as Sony Ericsson. Sony now completly takeover Sony Ericsson smartphone maker.

Sony Mobile all smartphones run on Google’s Android operating system. Now onwards user will be seeing simply Sony on smartphones from the company. Sony announced the finalization of the takeover of the Sony Ericsson company.

Sony Ericsson started as joint venture between tech giants Sony and Ericsson in 2001 bringing to a close a deal announced in October. Sony purchased Ericsson’s half of the joint venture for about $1.5 billion.

Sony smartphones will soon interact with Sony TVs, Blu-ray players, laptops and PlayStation video game consoles. The Sony Mobile will be headquartered in London. Bert Nordberg is staying on as president and CEO. Sony Mobile CEO, Nordberg will be charged with changing the company that focused on feature phones, regular cellphones that can do things such as store and play music, shoot photos and video but not run full-out mobile apps that focuses on smartphones.

Sony Mobile Communications integrate the mobile phone business as a vital element of its electronics business.

GOOGLE Gmail Get’s new Look

GOOGLE recently given Gmail Get new Look. Cleaner, more modern look, which Gmail user more labels and chat choices. Google has added some colour to Gmail. The application was designed to improve the Gmail experience for users of Google’s popular email program.

Gmail Get new Look has a revamped conversation view and improved tools for searching mailboxes, which typically serve as storage bins for users. This improvements provide greater transparency and choice regarding the ads you see on Google search and Gmail. Google Gmail users in all countries will have the new look options and can user it.

Check the new Gmail new Look and share the views