Tips to Convert HTML to PDF

Sharing HTML files (web pages) is a very cumbersome task that can be eased if you convert your document into PDF format. There are many advantages that make PDF format so popular. A number of HTML to PDF conversion software are available that help in secure conversion free of cost. PDF document is a legally approved one that when edited leaves an electronic signature that helps you detect any change in the original document. PDF format provides you with the printed view of electronic documents. It is important that you have proper understanding of your requirements before you choose the conversion software. Stress should be laid on gaining proper knowledge about the features of various HTML to PDF conversion software so that you make a wise decision. This write up aims at providing you tips to convert HTML to PDF. To begin with, it is important to know the benefits of PDF format that will give you an insight into this incredible file format and the reason why it is used so much.


html to pdf

html to pdf

Benefits of PDF file format

There are numerous benefits that motivate you to convert HTML files to PDF format. PDF documents are not just convenient to use but are also easily transferrable to varied users.

Compress large files

This file format allows you to share large files by compressing them. This also improves the speed of transfer and allows you share large documents in your office or with your clients.

Easy to share

PDF format makes it really easy to share files over different browsers while HTML files cannot be shared over different browsers. It also provides you amazing portability since it does not use the operating system of your computer. It is very easy to work with PDF files as they provide you ease of creation.

Secure format

It is very safe to share information with PDF files as it allows you detect any change in the document. It does not use any extra hardware tool and hence is very user friendly.

How to convert HTML to PDF

There a simple procedure that you need to follow in order to convert HTML to PDF and this helps you easily convert files to your desired format.

–        Choose reliable conversion software

–        Download this software

–        Follow the steps of conversion

–        Attach your file to be converted

–        Save the converted file

In order to share large documents over different browsers in a secure manner you should always opt for PDF file format.

Into The Clouds

The evolution of technological trends is getting faster with each year passed. Years ago it was extremely popular to have some branded device, which surely possessed lots of highly valued features and properties, and today it is merely a competition to find the one of optimal sizes, convenient OS and technical attributes.  Almost the same tendency might be noted if checking newly advanced online services, among which cloud storages have gained a considerable popularity. Having outranged familiar flash drives and memory cards, clouds with dozens of free gigabytes presented an ideal solution to replace the former.

Presents from the clouds

Dropbox and Google Drive are no doubts the most known and exercised services nowadays, but even they haven’t got rid of some lacks. Dropbox indeed has broken new ground when introduced its service, yet current offer of 2GB for free is not even a challenge for newly appeared cloud storages. Check out the alternatives:

  • MEGA offers 50GB free of charge right from the start;
  • DepositStorage grants 25GB of free disk space;
  •  Copy presents free 15GB.

Google Drive, in its turn, welcomes each new account with free 30GB, but one should remember this number covers both users’ storage and Gmail (without which it is impossible to enable Google Drive features). Thus, files sent to you via email might reserve some space in your Google Drive storage prior the moment you actually decide to upload data of your own.

Besides basic opportunities

Many users imagine that clouds are handy only to store, upload or download and share personal docs if necessary. However, what about features apart from basic ones? This is an issue to consider when willing your storage to become a true and long-terming assistant in files management. One of the extra opportunities user can take advantage of is File versioning, or simply File History. It is usually implemented to let users download different (changed) versions of one file and then edit it. And a file name should be uploaded under the same.

It is possible to establish the difference in clouds’ approach to this feature:

  • Dropbox keeps old versions of files for a period of 30 days
  • Google Drive deletes old file versions after 30 days period or when their numbers reaches 100
  • MEGA allows uploading several versions of one file and stores it under the same name, but one should look at Properties to learn the revision date
  • DepositStorage has enabled this tool just recently
  • Copy has File History, but it might be noticed only if the necessary file is activated (the button to apply this action remains invisible until the very moment).

Anyway, the variety of online storages is truly amazing and there are much more clouds besides covered in this article. However, one should definitely pay attention to details and features they offer, both basic and additional, as even big name services cannot fully meet the needs of a commonplace user.

Domain Affiliate: Tips & Tricks to make money with it

A Domain affiliate offers domain registration and other related product without any initial investment. These programs help you earn big returns without paying a penny, the money comes by referring clients to domain registration companies.

The company with whom you are associated as an affiliate provides you with all the necessary information and tools to go forward with the work. You get a unique link that acts as a gateway to market products and services. It provides you efficient technical aid to market services with the help of high quality banners and text links.

As an affiliate you receive a commission for every referral that you earn. It is important that you get associated with a reliable company that has transparent commission structure that is easy to funderstand and comply with. In case you are entering as a first time affiliate, you should gain proper knowledge about the services of the company, its past records and the methodologies followed.


How to go about

It is important that you understand the nuances of affiliate program before you opt for it. The basic strategy to use in this business is promotion and you require a strong marketing strategy to achieve big. The work gets easier if you opt for a service provider that ensures great quality of service. There are a number of companies available in the market to choose from but it would be wiser to go for a company that provides excellent quality products to their clients. These services are easy to sell and promote your chances of getting more referrals.

This will encourage your clients to refer your services to their friends and family. It will be very helpful for your business in the long run and reduces the time and effort needed to attain a referral. The provider should provide good quality networking framework, security of your data and active technical support.

You should also make sure that you choose reliable promotional tools to enhance your chances of earning more commission through domain affiliate program. These methods can be using a promotional website, creating a landing page and utilizing blog space for promotion. This program is very exciting opportunity to earn money through a well-established business. You promote developed services and earn easily through the aid of promotional tools.


This article helps readers to develop an understanding about domain affiliate program. It assists you in gaining knowledge regarding the process to be followed.

Tips to Make your Domain Registration Process Smarter

If you are planning on financing a website design and development project for your company, it is quite commendable and the right way to go. The best advice that you can get for such a noble undertaking is to get everything right. A website is a permanent part of your business and as such any corner cutting and impetuousness will definitely come back to haunt you. There are also strategies that you can employ to ensure that the whole process involved in securing a website gives you less headaches starting with the domain. In this article, we are going to explore the various tips that can be employed to make your domain registration process smarter.

Importance of a Domain Name

A domain name is your identity. It is what customers will use to identify and search for you on the internet. The benefits that come with a good domain name arte enormous and include giving credibility to your business and giving the impression of a forward thinking company that is part of the digital revolution.

The selection and registration of a domain is such an important exercise during which nothing must be left to chance. The process can also be quite cumbersome if you fail to pay attention to the right issues.


Use the Name of Your Business As A Domain

This is a good idea even in case where you intend to use a different name for your domain. It makes perfect sense to register your name or even an equivalent. This will surely save you from ‘cybersquatters’ and also prevents the competition of disgruntled former employees from creating a website whose name confuses the market and affects your profitability. This action, though illegal, is preferable to having to engage in protracted battles to regain control over the identity of your company.

Prefer Generic Word Domains

It is preferable to go for generic domain names. This is despite the fact that finding a good generic domain name can be quite taxing. All the effort exerted in this endeavor is totally justified given that generic names with an association to your products or services are easy for the customers to recall. In the event that you decide to sell your business in the future, such a name will have the greatest resale value.

You Can Also Try Made Up Names

Apart from generic names and names belonging to0 the English language, you can also make use of made up names. The greatest advantage of this option is the ability to develop a brand and stand out from your competition. One excellent example is the name Google.

Make It Short and Simple

Domain names are supposed to be easy to remember, enter as a search query and even relay over the telephone. This can only be achieved if the name is short and simple.

Never Include Numbers or Hyphens

This practice is a recipe for disaster as it makes you miss out on valuable traffic. Some entities use them but it is not a practice to be emulated.

Consider Misspellings

Consider any common misspellings that might be associated with your domain name. Try to type it out yourself to see if it will come out correctly all the time. This is usually a common occurrence with names that contain double letters. In such cases, it is wise to buy the other domain names as well and you can use them for creating redirects.

Maybe the most important tip pertains to the period immediately after you have had a business idea. You must first go through the domain registration process before printing those marketing t-shirts and placing ads in the classifieds. This saves you from the embarrassment and inconvenience of finding the name you have invested so much in already taken by someone else.


Anti-glare screen for smartphones

Anti-glare screen for smartphones

Anti-glare screen for smartphones

Yes, no need to tilt your smartphone or tablet to avoid glare while watching your movie or video. Now novel glass surface is made that reduces both glare and reflection on mobile devices.

Pruneri and Mazumder roughened a glass surface so it could scatter light and ward off glare. Researchers etched nano-size teeth into the surface to make it anti-reflective.

Soon we can find a new Anti-glare screen technology in our Phones.

Jolla smartphone Features


Jolla smartphone Features

Jolla smartphone Features

Jolla smartphone is manufactured by Finnish mobile manufacturer.  Jolla smartphone runs on its own operating software, called Sailfish.

Sailfish Os is an offshoot of the MeeGo software that used to be found on old Nokia phones, Which is an open-source alternative to Google’s Android mobile operating system.

 Jolla manufacturer claims Sailfish Os is a more secure OS for those seeking privacy.

Jolla manufacturer has signed an exclusive deal with the online shopping website Snapdeal to sell this phone.