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Features of Kingston New DataTraveler 310 USB Flash Drive

Kingston Unveils 256GBUSB Flash DriveKingston the LEADING USB Flash Drive Manufacturer has introduced new DataTraveler 310 USB Flash Drive with a massive 256GB capacity. It’s a tiny alternative to portable HDD drive in terms of size. This USB Flash Drive is available in India for Rs. 48,380 and is backed by a warranty of five years.

Features of Kingston DataTraveler 310 USB Flash Drive:

  •   This New Kingston DataTraveler 310 can hold up to 54 DVD worth data in its 256GB capacity.
  •   It offers read speeds of 25MB/s and write speeds of 12MB/s.
  •  Kingston DataTraveler 310’s dimensions are – 2.90-inch x 0.87-inch x 0.63-inch (73.70mm x 22.20mm x 16.10mm).
  •  This Flash Drive also features Password Traveler software. Using this software, consumers can create and access a password-protected privacy zone. The Password Traveler software works only in Windows platform (Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000).
  •  This new DT 310 also supports Windows ReadyBoost feature. Windows Vista and Windows 7 Essential make use of Flash memory based mass storage system as drive for disk cache and thus can be used as additional memory.
  •  DataTraveler 310 is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X 10.3 or higher and OSes with Linux Kernel 2.6.1 or above.