Nokia unveiled three new phone models and said its new Booklet 3G will go on sale for about 575 euros ($820).

Nokia smartphone on line-up to better compete with Apple and put a price on the new laptop leading its foray into the fiercely-competitive netbook market. Nokia has major challenges on developing user experience, and might have to wait for a significant improvement until the second half of next year. Nokia has seen its profit margins drop over the last few quarters as handset demand has slumped, and analysts have worried that entering the PC industry, where margins are traditionally razor-thin, could further depress earnings. Nokia had to do it. You see more and more PC guys getting into the mobile operators

With the move into laptops, Nokia is crossing the border between two converging industries from the opposite direction to Mac-maker Apple, which entered the phone industry in 2007 with the iPhone.

The handset announcements, the latest moves by the Finnish firm to match Apple’s innovation in a sector switching focus to services and software, left some analysts unimpressed.