Pros & Cons of Latest 3rd Generation IPod shuffle

* Supports multiple playlists
* Can navigate thanks to Voiceover controls
* Supports Apple Lossless files
* Higher-capacity
* Good sound and volume.


* No controls on iPod
* Navigation more difficult than in the past
* Battery charge poorer than in the past
* Tiny switch on top of iPod difficult to manage with adult fingers
* Must pay for adapter or compatible headphones if unhappy   with included headphones.
* Lack of controls on the iPod—is more difficult to use
* Controversial control makes the ipod shuffle more clumsy.   Pressing to traipse through multiple items in a playlist is clumsy. Not only is it likely some users will forget which combination of presses transports them from place to place. I suspect a lot of 3G iPod shuffle owners will forgo all this button pushing.

9 thoughts on “Pros & Cons of Latest 3rd Generation IPod shuffle”
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