Generally the workflow is a term used to describe the tasks assigned from one person to one or many person(s).

Workflow is a procedural steps involved in an organizations. It also takes the input and output information and tools needed for each step in a business process. Workflow management systems may control automated processes and manage a business process.

In olden days, Paper work order transfers process was in use, which requires more time to process and evaluation.

Nowadays the workflow management system is in use. Workflow management system eliminates the time dependencies and other roadblock.

A workflow management system Streamline workflow required for the completion of each task, and aims at managing them during the execution of each task.

Workflow management system helps you to finish the task in a required time. It automatically eliminates the redundant tasks and ensures that uncompleted tasks are followed up.

When it comes to workflow management systems, Comindware Tracker helps the user with Cutting-edge Workflow Automation. It Enable company-wide business processes as well as departmental routine. Comindware automatically assigns tasks to the right person, once a previous workflow step is completed.

Comindware Tracker
Comindware Tracker

The Comindware Tracker is the new generation software for Adaptive Business Process Management and Workflow Automation.

Comindware Tracker is a Ready-to-use Business Applications. With the help of Comindware Tracker you can design and run business applications from the scratch. It is effective, faster and Easier than Traditional BPM tools.

With the help of Adaptive Process Management and award-winning ElasticData technology, the Comindware Tracker is perfectly suitable to support unpredictable business processes that are by design impossible to automate with traditional BPM systems. Comindware aims to offer one single, integrated platform for tracking any type of tasks and items, with the flexibility to set up processes.

Comindware Tracker helps you to create ad-hoc tasks instantly at a minimal workflow step.  Advantage of Comindware Tracker is, whenever a new Task or event doesn’t fit into your existing process, you don’t need to redesign a workflow or create a new one to address a one-time case.

Currently Comindware Tracker is offered in both cloud and on-premises installation types. Comindware offers Comindware Advantage, where they provides world class, value-added support services.

comindware tracker
comindware tracker

Why Comindware Tracker?

Today the maintenance costs and the inefficiency of cross-functional collaboration increases with each additional Process implemented within an organization. Comindware Tracker Eliminate above inefficiency process.

Advantages of Comindware Tracker:

  • Implement fast and with ease
  • Adapt to any changes
  • Modifications in real-time at any time
  • Streamline workflow automation with tasks
  • Set your own rules
  • Process data automatically
  • Juggle your tasks with ease
  • Collaborate and share
  • Track changes in real-time
  • Analyze business performance through Reporting

Currently Comindware offers free trail of Comindware Tracker upto 30 days. You can sign up for Comindware Tracker and get to know about it.

They also provide FAQ for the users to know about their products and other features. The (FAQ) frequently asked questions are related to Comindware support and services. This FAQ will have the most common in-depth questions and answer. So if you do not find an answer to your queries, you are always welcome to Ask their experts by just submit the details through online form.