McAfee shows more interest in cloud computing

McAfee a powerful security software solutions provider. McAfee provides security software solutions to individuals as well as enterprises. Online security software maker McAfee shows interest in cloud computing as Cloud computing allows companies to use services, softwares or applications on a pay-per-use model without actually owning any hardware infrastructure or licence.

McAfee provides solutions and certification to cloud computing services providers such as Amazon, offering protection against spam ware and other online threats. Since these sectors have a lot of important data and applications, the security of such data is important. Any glitches will result in huge financial losses as well

From cloud computing solutions over the next few years it is expected about 10-15 per cent of its global revenue to come. The total revenue from global cloud services is expected to reach USD 148.8 billion by 2014 from USD 58.6 billion in 2009.

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Search Engine Giant Google With New Search Design

Search Engine Giant Google rolled out a new search interface as part of its efforts to optimize the relevance of online queries.

Google’s revised search function offers more real-time content. It discovers a lot of real-time content. The New search function can also search for content on Facebook and Twitter. This new search interface launched for a big step toward goal.

It helps to make the users feel that Google has been progressing and getting smarter. The main focus on relevance, getting users exactly what they want as fast as possible, is where Google think the future of search will be.

To keep pace with rapid change online Google have teams of engineers working across Google to develop new ways to present and refine search results. The central challenge with our latest redesign was to figure out how to squeeze all these tools and technologies into a single page

This particular change in no way changes the ranking or the way in which we either show or research results or ads. Now users can search for images of an object by choosing different colors in the image-search category. The Google has rolled out the new navigation feature for mobile phones as well.

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Another small acquisition by Google: Labpixies

As Last year Google acquired mobile display advertising firm AdMob, display ad company Teracent, and CAPTCHA test company reCaptcha and this year, Google has acquired visual search company Plink, purchased iPhone e-mail app ReMail, photo-editing site Picnik, and platform services company Episodic. Now a latest small acquisition of Google is Labpixies.

Labpixies said that the acquisition is an opportunity to learn from each other to bring more apps to users, help developers and improve the overall developer ecosystem.

Labpixies was one of the first companies to create gadget for iGoogle back in 2005. Labpixies to create a truly personalized online experience and develop fun widgets that people find useful every day. It has made and launch number of global OpenSocial based gadgets. Now The Labpixies team will be work based in Google’s Tel Aviv office and will focus on iGoogle efforts across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

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Pros and cons of Apple New OS iPhone 4.0

Apple’s iPhone 4.0 willl be released out in this summer. It is expected that it will bring many long-awaited features to the platform.

Apple’s App Store has thousands and thousands of applications sorted in lots of categories. By this new Features iPhone developers and users will finally be able to switch back and forth between applications without having to shut down the app entirely to enter the new one. Now iPhone 4.0 users will be able to create folders like Games and drag and drop apps into those folders which simplify the home screen.

By this new OS Voice-over-Internet-Protocol applications like Skype could be run in the background. Like the VoIP apps, navigation apps and others apps will be able to run in the background while doing other things with the iPhone. The new OS adds Unified inboxes and organize-by-thread features are coming to the iPhone. With this new Apple’s iPhone 4.0 the OS-level integration will be expand the creative possibilities.

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Internet Explorer(IE) 9 With improved speed and support of new technology

As per the survey the recent market share estimates from NetApplications, Internet Explorer has 61.2 percent, compared to 24.2 percent for its closest competitor Firefox. Internet Explorer (IE’s) share slides every month, and the browser now faces tougher competition from Google Chrome. Microsoft still has a wide lead in the browser wars.

When it comes to user interface and security Chrome and Firefox are likely to say that something just feels faster about their browsers. Chrome ahead of the pack and Firefox in front of Internet Explorer. Microsoft’s tackling the issues that have held its browser back from greatness. IE8 got creative with accelerators and Web slices. Microsoft, found that Internet Explorer 8 was the safest browser. Internet Explorer 8 lagged behind other browsers on speed and support for new technology.

With IE9, Microsoft’s showing willingness to maintain the firm position in web browser. With improved speed and support for HTML 5, Internet Explorer 9 could be Microsoft’s next step.

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search giant Google has bought the famous photo editing site Picnik

The search giant Google has bought the famous photo editing site Picnik. Google is currently planning to add Meta tags to the images to make them search friendly in Google Images search. Google clarified in the blog post that there is no any big changes have been planned and the focus lies only on integration as well as adding new features.

Picnik is an online photo editing service. Picnik can import photos natively from Facebook, Myspace, Picasa Web Albums, Flickr, Yahoo Image search and also offers options to upload from a computer or to upload from a website. Picnik’s basic photo editing tools are free to use. Picnik has a partnership with Flickr that includes a less feature-rich version of Picnik built into Flickr as a default photo editor.

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Google Buzz- a new social networking tool and its innovative features

Google Buzz is a new social networking tool developed by the search engine giant and designed to undermine Twitter and Facebook.

Google Buzz, a new way to start conversations about the things you find interesting and share updates, photos, videos and more.

Google Buzz is built right into Gmail, so there’s nothing to set up you are automatically following the people you email and chat with the most. Buzz offers some unique ways of solving user needs, with innovative features like inbox integration, fastand-full-screen photo viewing, and location-based posting from mobile devices

The integration of Buzz with global positioning systems seamlessly can give tough competition to Twitter and Facebook. For example, Imagine getting regular updates on a digital map on your mobile phone about traffic congestion on the route you are about to take.

Buzz has made Google’s entry into microblogging a powerful one by Integrating the popular websites like Yahoo’s Flickr, Twitter, Picasa, Blogger, Google Reader, and Youtube. Since all Tweets can be accessed through Buzz, Buzz might give Twitter a run for its money if it becomes popular.

Overall Google buzz is so simple and easy to user due to integration of other social networks.

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Vizio to introduce new HDTV with internet apps Features

Vizio to introduce, its new HDTV this year. The HDTV models from Vizio comes with the internet apps can deliver music, photos, on demand movies and social networking. This new technology from Vizio enhances the viewer experience with quick connectivity to the internet through the inbuilt integrated wireless and wired network.

Vizio apps function features are as follows:

*  240 Hz scenes per second smooth motion technology

*  1080 HD resolution

*  SRS TruVolume

*  SRS TruSurround HD

*  Approximately 45% energy star guidelines

*  The Bluetooth universal remote control you can control all HDTV enabled application from anywhere in the room, without pointing the remote towards the Television.

* The TruLED backlighting and smart trim technology is used by the 55 and 47 models for delivering superb color contrasts.

Vizio to get More service providers and content brands like CBS, CNBC, The Weather Channel, Free Stream Media etc will also be featured in these 12 new HDTV models will also be added to this internet apps.

These HDTV are built for high performance, excellent picture and audio quality.

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Opera 10 cutting-edge come with new technology named as Unite

Opera 10 cutting-edge come with new technology named as Unite. This New function allows you to set up a Unite network with your machine as a server so that your friends and family gets authenticated access to shared files through URLs.

How this unite network can be done?

*  To do this you have to create a free account with Opera.

*  You are given a URL preceded by your computer name. If you call you machine userxx, the URL will be

*  The application can be used to share anything from simple files to a media player.

*  It also has applications like Fridge which act as a pin board where you can leave messages for friends and Document Courier which lets you upload a file to your PC from anywhere.

*  It can even double as a live messenger.

*  You also have the option of making your shared files public or password protected, but I would have loved it to have multiple usernames and passwords.

*  Opera’s Notes feature would have ability to attach the notes to specific websites.

*  Also users have to configure their email in Opera or use a webmail service such as Yandex, Fastmail, OperaMail or to send the notes to a friend.

*  As UPNP is enabled by default on most routers, there is no need to change setting to get this feature to work.

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