Google Chrome 6 features

The Newly improved version.Google Chrome 6.0.472.53 has been released to the stable Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Some of the enhancement made by Google in chrome 6 are Updated UI, Form Autofill, Syncing of extensions and Autofill data and Increased speed and stability

Nice features about chrome 6 is, it includes a new green padlock icon in the URL bar to indicate you’re on a secure HTTPS connection, and a less-cluttered new tab page that serves as your starting point for new browsing windows.

A new menu has been designed which has a line up of all the Page Options, like Cut, Copy and Paste. Zooming in and out is now neater than before as there is an addition of plus and minus buttons. Chrome 6 detaches the Reload button from its URL bar. In addition, Reload and Stop buttons are combined into one.

Tools menu has gone under a total make over with the inclusion of lots of new options. The new Java Script speed lead and an already trim design. Built-in PDF support and vastly improved printing, better syncing, cleaned up interface. Google Chrome 6.0.472.53 has celebrated its second birthday in style.

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