The World First 3D smartphone: LG Optimus 3D

LG to launch  the world’s first 3D smartphone phone LG Optimus 3D offering consumers a full 3D experience. LG’s most advanced smartphone to date will feature a dual-lens camera for 3D recording, a glasses-free LCD panel for 3D viewing and diverse connectivity options such as HDMI and DLNA for 3D content sharing. With 3D recording and its glasses-free LCD panel for 3D viewing will allow to share content with your friends.

The display has a resolution of 480 by 800 pixels and is intended for use in smartphones designed for movie viewing and gaming. The left and right eyes see different images, creating the illusion of depth.

LG Optimus 3D include dual-core processors a NFC (Near-Field Communications) and faster mobile Internet connections.