A complete guide to install Google Chrome OS(Chromium OS)

Google gave the world a first look at the Chrome OS. Chromium OS is so simple. The OS adds features such as a battery life indicator and window management. A big advantage to Chrome is that the cloud-based model has the potential for extremely fast computing, including a boot time as short as three seconds.

Linux based OS that will run on both x86 and ARM based systems. It is going to be based on the Chrome browser and will be initially targeted at low-powered netbooks, with support for higher end systems.

To Install Linux based Chrome OS you’ll need to use a virtual machine for Chrome OS. It can be run on almost any computer. Google announced the availability of the Chrome OS / Chromium OS.

You can download a copy of the virtual machine Chrome OS image to use in VMware and VirtualBox. For installing Google Chrome OS on a Mac you can use VMware Fusion.

1. Once you download the chrome OS image. Then open VMware and create a new virtual machine. One of the options uses an existing virtual disk in VMware and VirtualBox then choose OS disc image file. In VMware Fusion, this is the last option below, use operating system disk and use OS disc image file.

2. Make sure your VMware and VirtualBox is set to use bridged networking, rather than NAT.

3. The username and password to login to Chrome OS / Chromium OS is your google account.

Speed, simplicity and security are fundamental to Chrome OS