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Get your Free SSL(https) for the Website?

The intention behind having an SSL/TLS certificate was not just for authentication but also to establish the identity of the remote server with whom the client browser communicates. SSL /TLS protocol to ensure that data travels securely over the wire. Encrypting data in transit helps to prevent any malicious user from sniffing the network to steal sensitive information like passwords, credit card details, etc. SSL or Secure Sockets Layer and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are cryptographic protocols designed to provide a secure communication channel between clients and servers over the internet. TLS is the relatively newer version when compared to[more...]
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Protect From Ransomware – Gmail

[caption id="attachment_5439" align="alignright" width="300"] Protect From Ransomware-gmail[/caption] Today JavaScript allows web coders and designers to do all kinds of incredibly complex and engaging things. JavaScript can also be passed around as a file. Just like you can attach a Word document, some .JPG images, or a .PDF to an email. User can attach a JavaScript as .JS file. Since programmer can send to file through attachment for good specific purpose, but cyber-criminal may exploit this vulnerability. Hence the Gmail from hereafter going to Block this .JS file attachment. Even if you are hidding inside a compressed .ZIP file, Gmail will scan and still block them.

Best partition manager for resizing Windows

The size of data grows day by day and thus the need to extend the requirements also increases in the same manner. To store all your enormous data on a single disk is very confusing and will create chaos while you are searching for any specific file. To be traditional in terms of storing the data over your desktop, it is highly recommended that you should create different partitions, be it Windows or OS X. To move ahead, we should know why is partitioning important. Ignorance of creating multiple partitions often leads people to suffer data loss on their drive[more...]

Microsoft’s Spartan browser – the future

[caption id="attachment_5293" align="alignright" width="170"] IE_Spartan[/caption] Microsoft Spartan Browser to be launched with Windows 10.  Yes the latest report say that IE is going to be closed, as IE continues to lose market share. Microsoft Spartan Browser is being built as a revamped, lightweight, extension-enabled browser that happens to have a similar look and feel to both Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The browser will use Microsoft’s Chakra JavaScript engine and Microsoft’s Trident rendering engine. IE 11 might temporarily be available for backward compatibility purposes in Windows 10    

Tips to Convert HTML to PDF

Sharing HTML files (web pages) is a very cumbersome task that can be eased if you convert your document into PDF format. There are many advantages that make PDF format so popular. A number of HTML to PDF conversion software are available that help in secure conversion free of cost. PDF document is a legally approved one that when edited leaves an electronic signature that helps you detect any change in the original document. PDF format provides you with the printed view of electronic documents. It is important that you have proper understanding of your requirements before you choose the[more...]

Tips to Make your Domain Registration Process Smarter

If you are planning on financing a website design and development project for your company, it is quite commendable and the right way to go. The best advice that you can get for such a noble undertaking is to get everything right. A website is a permanent part of your business and as such any corner cutting and impetuousness will definitely come back to haunt you. There are also strategies that you can employ to ensure that the whole process involved in securing a website gives you less headaches starting with the domain. In this article, we are going to[more...]

Post your free ads through Olx mobile app

[caption id="attachment_5134" align="aligncenter" width="448"] OLX[/caption] We all know that Olx is a leading classifieds site, where people can post free ads. OLX had become popular in India through their TV commercials ads and video promos on internet. OLX has changed the way of posting ads from newspaper to Internet at free of cost. Yes, Today most people use OLX for selling or buying the products, properties, etc. The Era of Mobile internet had already started as Mobile traffic to its website is now more than its internet traffic. To reach vast growing users, OlX had come up with the smart phone application[more...]

Regained my online Google Reputation

Finally i am back !! After a month long checking my site strategics and usage.  I finally able to help my site to do the better way. I got the Google notification that something wrong about my site. There is also a sudden increase in my site Bandwidth. When i checked with my hosting company, I was able to get the help of my hosting company. After getting the required input, finally i had made my site better and optimized one. Then i had emailed the things to Google, after valuvation,  i got reputation which i lost one month before.[more...]

Temple Run 2 for Android Smartphone Hit the stores

[caption id="attachment_3954" align="alignright" width="265"] Temple Run 2 For android[/caption] Temple Run 2 for Android Smartphone Hit the stores today. Google Play got more hits once the Temple Run 2 released and now the users are downloading with a lightning speed. Temple Run redefined mobile gaming. New environment and powerups are a welcome addition to Temple Run 2. 3d graphics are best. This Temple Run 2 game for Android Smartphone is available for any Android device with Android 2.2 Froyo os or higher version os. The game is free to use can be download through Google Play. For downloading just use[more...]

New Mobile operating system – Firefox OS

[caption id="attachment_3932" align="aligncenter" width="209"] Mobile operating system - Firefox OS[/caption]The Latest News is that Mozilla Foundation had build a new operating system that is free as the Web. Mozilla claims that Firefox OS will provide an alternative to current Mobile operating system. Firefox OS is another one of the revolution Mobile operating system coming to the market with the much hype. Mozilla Foundation started the operating system as Boot to Gecko and currently it is called as the Firefox OS. Firefox OS is an all HTML5, Javascript and CSS framework, and truly Open Source. The Firefox OS comes with most[more...]