Mobile operating system - Firefox OS
Mobile operating system – Firefox OS
The Latest News is that Mozilla Foundation had build a new operating system that is free as the Web. Mozilla claims that Firefox OS will provide an alternative to current Mobile operating system.

Firefox OS is another one of the revolution Mobile operating system coming to the market with the much hype.

Mozilla Foundation started the operating system as Boot to Gecko and currently it is called as the Firefox OS.
Firefox OS is an all HTML5, Javascript and CSS framework, and truly Open Source.

The Firefox OS comes with most challenging strategy. The Web-based operating system Firefox OS will gain access to the hardware such as telephony or camera.

Firefox OS is a conventional browsing environments the Web requests are handled by the native operating system like iOS, Android or Windows, creating an abstraction between hardware and the Web framework.

Using Javascript and Web Application Programming Interface (API) Boot to Gecko has already been able to demonstrate most of the functions by directly accessing system resources.

The first prototype of this os was demonstrated in the CES 2013. The official announcement of Firefox OS will done in a weeks time.