Personal Computer(pc) Drops Netbook Gained

Today the worldwide personal computer (PC) market is pulling out of its fall quickly and could resist predictions by growing this year. Market research firms IDC and Gartner have both predicted a year-over-year decline in PC shipments in 2009, which would be the first such drop since 2001. Intel Corp. CEO Otellini at a conference show off chips built on so-called 22-nanometer technology, which refers to the ever-shrinking size of circuitry on the most advanced chips. Those chips are still being developed in Intel's factories and won't go into production until 2011. Sales of cheap little "netbook" computers, used primarily[more...]

Windows 7 upgrades can take up to Longer time depending upon the data

Microsoft has said that some in-place upgrades from Windows Vista to the new Windows 7 may take some users over 20 hours to complete. Chris Hernandez, who works in the Windows deployment team Said that the best that users can hope for is a 1 hour and 24 minute process. So-called clean installs, where the user overwrites an existing edition of Windows to end up with the OS, but no former data or applications, take less time: from 27 to 46 minutes. One of the main goals with Windows 7 in general has been to be better than Vista. As[more...]

LG’s new smart phone with high end 3G enabled handset

LG's new smart phone would compete with peer competitors like Samsung and Nokia in the Indian market. Korean electronic major LG announced launching a high end 3G enabled handset in India in partnership with US-based technology major Qualcomm. LG Electronics India, Business Group Head (GSM), Anil Arora said that The company is aiming to sell 10,000 units of this model per month. With the new model, the company is targeting a 20 per cent market shares in the touch screen mobile segment in the country. The government has already announced the base price of 3G pan-Indian license and telecom operators[more...]

Nokia unveiled three new phone models

Nokia unveiled three new phone models and said its new Booklet 3G will go on sale for about 575 euros ($820). Nokia smartphone on line-up to better compete with Apple and put a price on the new laptop leading its foray into the fiercely-competitive netbook market. Nokia has major challenges on developing user experience, and might have to wait for a significant improvement until the second half of next year. Nokia has seen its profit margins drop over the last few quarters as handset demand has slumped, and analysts have worried that entering the PC industry, where margins are traditionally[more...]

Intel Aims to revitalize Netbook Evolution

The Netbooks are intended for basic computing tasks, like e-mail and Web surfing. But they have grown larger and more powerful over time, and some users find them sufficiently capable to serve as their primary computers. By keeping netbook screen sizes in check, Intel wants to limit the cannibalization of laptop sales and manage user expectations. When hardware makers build a small laptop, or netbook, based on the Atom netbook platform, they are generally bound by constraints that limit certain specifications, such as a screen size that doesn't exceed 10.2 inches. These guidelines are meant to segment the laptop market[more...]

Windows 7 Release Date Announced

The guessing game is over! Windows 7, the next major release of the world's most popular operating system, will be officially available to the public on 22 October. Now Microsoft is hoping it can avoid the negative press that surrounded the launch of Vista, the last major Windows release, almost three years ago. Windows 7 has been designed to be compatible with Vista so users do not have to invest in new hardware. Customers who buy a new PC with Vista will be offered upgrades to Windows 7. In order to finish the OS on time, Microsoft plans to wrap[more...]

Windows 7 RC confirmed to be released on 5th May with free One year Validity

Microsoft has confirmed that the 5th May RC of the new OS will not expire until 1 June 2010, which means more than a year of free play for anyone installing it next week. The Windows 7 is almost certain to be with us in all its finished, Microsoft-saving glory in the summer, but had you cottoned on to the fact that you can get the release candidate next week and run it for free for a year anyway. Previously, Windows Vista's candidate releases remained fully functional only for around eight months, nominally for testing purposes, but there was no[more...]

Microsoft to Launch Next Generation Search Engine- Kumo

Although Microsoft is testing the search engine under the Kumo name, executives have said that is just one of several names the company is considering. Microsoft has reportedly put up a clock in one of its buildings with a 40-day countdown to the launch of its next generation search engine, code named Kumo. The search engine focuses on a couple of areas, including an attempt to break down a search query into a couple more detailed options. When searching, say, for the term "Audi," Kumo breaks things down into an initial result with facts such as price and fuel economy[more...]

Windows 7 Release Candidate1 (RC1)- Latest news

Windows XP, the predecessor to Windows Vista. Now the eagerly awaited Windows 7 Release Candidate 1 will be posted to members of Microsoft's Developer Network and TechNet for download on April 30. RC1 will be made generally available on May 5 Windows 7 has been pretty much completed from a usability perspective for a while, with people already using the operating system at work. Windows 7 is delivered as final product, unless major bugs or faults are uncovered. Microsoft pointedly did not give a date for Windows 7's release to manufacturing when it announced the RC and has been clinging[more...]

Reliance introduced Netconnect Broadband Plus-India’s fastest wireless Internet service

India's fastest wireless Internet service- Netconnect Broadband Plus Netconnect Broadband Plus Features :  Its has high speed CDMA wireless broadband service This broadband service with a downlink speed of up to 3.1 Mbps, making it as India's fastest wireless Internet service It also offers a separate uplink speed of upto 1.8 Mbps. The Netconnect Broadband Plus high speed Internet service is best suited for video streaming, video surveillance, rich media content and superior Internet browsing. Netconnect Broadband Plus service will be available in 35 cities with seamless handover to high speed 1x service covering 20,000 towns and 4.5 lakh villages[more...]