Google Looks to Enhanced its Google Books Search By Making it Social

Google has enhanced its Google Books service with interface refinements and easier sharing options. The preparations under way to start selling e-books online later this year.

Last October, Google resolved complaints about Google Books and is awaiting approval of the settlement by the court and the Department of Justice. Perhaps in anticipation of the end of resistance to its service, Google recently confirmed its intention to become more involved in electronic book selling.

The new book search features introduced Thursday suggest that Google plans to leverage its social infrastructure to faster user engagement and to drive sales.

Google has scanned more than 7 million titles for Google Books. The service offers more than 1.5 million public domain books at no charge to users of Android mobile phones, Apple’s iPhone, and the Internet. It also allows people to search through millions more books sold online and provides links to online stores selling those books.

The new features are the availability of link and embed codes for Google’s online book collection. Just like YouTube users, Google Books users now have access to HTML code snippets that can easily be copied and pasted into blogs or other Web pages to present book content. Other new features include improved search in public domain books, a thumbnail overview of public domain books and magazines, a drop-down menu for easier book navigation, a plain-text view for public domain books, a page turn button and page turn animation, and an improved overview page for listed titles.

By this reader can more easily share pages from books you love, while publisher partners can gain even more awareness across the web to promote their books.