The Opera Browser attractive features

Opera has given so many feature to the users and other competitors. Opera has for long been a name feared by the other browsers, thanks to its cutting edge features.

    • *The now-popular speed dial was originally invented by Opera.
    • *The new version allows users to organise their bookmarks from a 2×2 to a 5×5 grid on the speed dial.
    • *Now, you can also add background image to the page.
    • *Using a feature called Opera Link, you can synchronise bookmarks, speed dials, notes and other browser data between all your PCs so that all your machines have the same feel.
    • *Opera also makes it easier to manage multiple tabs. Just moving your mouse over a tab produces a live thumbnail of what is on the page.
    • *On widescreens, this has the potential to become a great utility with users choosing the location of the thumbnail as per their liking.
    • *The search bar is by default set to Google, but users can customise it to any search engine of their choice. You can also stretch the search bar in case your search phrase is too long.
    • *Opera 10 becomes cutting-edge is with Unite. This function allows you to set up a Unite network with your machine as a server so that your friends and family gets authenticated access to shared files through URLs.