Western Digital has launched its fastest SATA hard disk drive with 600-GB VelociRaptor, doubling the capacity of the company’s earlier hard disk drive. Earlier it has maximum of 300 GB of storage.

Western Digital latest VelociRaptors, available with 450 GB or 600 GB of storage, are the only 10,000 RPM drives in the market that support the SATA 6-Gb-per-second interface standard. The drives come with a five-year warranty. The price of this 600-GB Hard Disk Drive is estimated as $329.

Features of Western Digital VelociRaptor HDD:

  •  It support the SATA 6-Gb-per-second interface standard
  •  Western Digital boosts storage in the new drives by increasing the platter density to 200 GB from 150 GB
  •  It include a 32-MB cache and a mean time between failures of 1.4 million hours.
  • The VelociRaptor line contains technology that protects its rotation mechanism in a vibration-prone, multi-drive chassis by parking recording heads off the disk during spin up, spin down, and when the drive is off.
  • The new drives come in a 2.5-inch form factor.
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