Internet gaint Google unveiled its Android 3.0 operating system code-named Honeycomb. Now google’s Android Tablet PCs challenge the undisputed market leader Apple’s iPad directly or indirectly.

Android’s Honeycomb come across as operating system built from scratch with the new form factor of tablet PCs in mind. The first of the tablet PCs sporting Android’s Honeycomb Motorola’s Xoom is expected to hit the markets soon.

The Google’s new OS also seems to have advanced hardware specifications that most Android tablet PCs set to hit the markets sooner. Android tablet PCs set has a dual core processor as its CPU, full HD support and Honeycomb as OS.
Android Honeycomb has renderscript for hardware accelerated-3D animation that makes the user experience smooth. Honeycomb will also have a separate OS for smartphones.

Android Honeycomb supports multi-tasking, among many other new experiences.