LG A mobile handset maker has expanded its Chocolate Edition mobile phone range in the Indian market with the launch of LG BL40. As LG’s deal with Twentieth Century Fox, the new Chocolate phone will feature content from James Cameron’s 3D fantasy, Avatar.
The LG Chocolate BL40 is available at a price tag of Rs 30,000 in Indian market.

The LG Chocolate BL40 features:

  •   LG BL 40 Chocolate comes with a 4-inch LCD screen, with 800×345 resolution and a 21:9 aspect ratio.
  •   The LG BL 40 slim phone comes with a 5 megapixel camera with Schinder-Kreuznach lens and flash.
  •  It has Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an FM transmitter.
  •  The LG BL 40 also comes with S-Class UI, which offers finger-friendly 3D graphics and according to the company is capable to offer faster email and internet services.
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