These Network monitors deliver uncompromised virtual workspaces for up to 11 users sharing a single host computer at less than $1000 per unit. These monitors eliminate the need for all users to have individual computes at their desks. And unlike thin clients, they do not need expensive servers that take up valuable space in the datacenter.

LG’s Network Monitors offer substantial cost savings compared to traditional PCs and thin clients. The monitors connect to a PCI card plugged into the host PC that creates multiple virtual workspaces in conjunction with NComputing vSpace desktop virtualization software. These LG Network monitor, N42 Series directly connect up to 11 users to the same computer. These multi-computing solutions include built-in keyboard, mouse, and audio connections. This is an ideal solution for small businesses, schools, government offices, libraries and call centers that need to provide computing capabilities but must also consider costs, maintenance and environmental impact.