Scientists developed a New indoor GPS system

The system is being currently tested in Finland. In fact, it is not the first indoor system but the others have mostly been for specialist uses, such as helping firefighters find colleagues in smoke-filled buildings. This system, developed by Nokia, will work with existing handsets and infrastructure, according to the scientists.

Global Positioning System doesn’t work in buildings as the satellite signals it uses cannot get through walls.

In this system, a cellphone can use nearby Wi- Fi transmitters instead of satellites. it triangulates their signals to calculate its position, which it then displays on a map.

One thing it does need, however, is access to maps of the inside of buildings. This may not be feasible for private homes, but many public sites such as big sports centres and universities already make maps available.

The ongoing test at Kamppi shopping centre in Finnish capital Helsinki is a success, then this system could be rolled out much more widely.

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  1. cheap gps systems

    This is really awesome technology with indoor GPS. Imagine how many lives can be saved in a major fire in a public building with this device, amazing!

  2. Saungbisnisku

    Wooww. good information.. success for you

  3. lagi usil

    wonderful! so, if we bring a cellphone with those feature, somebody else can locate our position wherever we are?

  4. st_hart

    nice invention! I wonder if it will be misused to spy others.

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    thank you for sharing this information…

    i am updated now with new technologies. thanks

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    wow wonderful information!!

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