Sony has announced the launch of the world’s thinnest LCD TV in India along with dozens of other new models to strengthen their current crop of offerings in the mid to high end segment.

The highlight of the launch was the announcement of the Bravia ZX1, which at 9.9mm happens to be the world’s thinnest 40″ LCD TV. And soon it will be on sale in India! Apart from being slim, this one is quite light as well, tipping the scales at just 15.5 kg..

The ZX1 features:

* Bravia Engine2
* Edge LED technology
* Motionflow 100Hz
* Image Blur reduction as image techniques to reproduce premium pictures with vivid and vibrant tonal range.
* TV supports a Full HD display resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels.
* The Sony Bravia ZX1 actually consumes less power than a light bulb.
* For easy integration with compatible BRAVIA products, it comes with Theatre Sync and possesses outstanding audio enhancement features like a digital amplifier, S-Force Surround, voice zoom and Dolby digital plus.
* The TV comes packed with four independent HDMI inputs, a PC input, composite inputs, component inputs, USB connection, and a RGB compatible SCART input.
* Wireless HD enables the users to enjoy Full HD quality images without any messy wires or cables.

Apart from the ZX1, the company has also announced the addition of as many as fourteen new TV’s to the S, V, W and Z series. The new TV’s launched will be priced between the Rs. 16,000 and Rs. 2.99 lakh range and will range from 20″ entertainers to 50″ monsters. The price of the ZX1 is yet to be announced.

Sony has also announced that it will now completely stop the sale of CRT’s and is awaiting the exhaustion of stocks at its dealers to concentrate on LCD’s and large screen TV’s.

The company has also registered a considerable growth in the number of large screen TV sales over the past year.

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