Sony Ericsson has announced two new affordable Walkman phones W395 and the W205!

Let we start with the W205.

The W205 is the natural successor to the popular W200i – but the difference is that this one happens to sport a slider format. Being a Walkman device, it naturally comes with almost all the feature the music lover in you needs.

W205 Walkman Features:

* Walkman player.

* FM radio with recording and ending with TrackID music recognition.

* Most wanted features include a basic 1.3-megapixel camera.

* Bluetooth GPRS and EDGE support.

* It features a 1.8 inch display boasting 65k colors.

* 128X160 resolution.

* M2 card support with 1 GB coming bundled.

* This little wonder can be yours for Rs. 5,795.

The W395 Walkman is priced above the W205 and comes with special stereo speakers. The HPM-62 stereo headset is bundled with it which promises for a great audio experience. The phone also comes complete with dedicated control keys to help users manage music.

W395 Walkman Features:

* A 1GB memory card for storing music

* FM radio to keep up to date with the latest tracks.

* The phone also features Sony Ericsson’s unique TrackID, which helps one find details of a song, even if one’s not sure of the name.

* The 2-inch screen might be a tad on the smaller side but is legible and clear.

* The W395 also features motion gaming support.

* The camera is a pretty basic 2-megapixel unit that should suffice for casual photography.

* The W395 is priced at Rs. 8,395.

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