Yahoo New Homepage Design

Yahoo launched of its brand new customizable home page, the first major revamp to the page since 2006.

At first glance the organization of the latest home page doesn’t look dramatically different. But it soon becomes apparent that this is no longer a one-size fits all Web destinations.

On the upper right, you’ll see the 10 most popular Internet searches. In the middle of the page you’ll find basic news headline links, a mix of hard news, softer stuff and local news. Near the top of the page (and just below a large Yahoo search box) you can enter your own social networking status. But the biggest deal concerns a My Favorites panel running down the left side of the screen. The list includes the requisite Yahoo properties, including Yahoo Autos, Finance, Mail, and Messenger, among others.. But several third party sites also populate the list, including eBay, Facebook, and MySpace.

The company hasn’t made any changes to the fully customizable My Yahoo page, which is currently used by about 50 million people. Yahoo plans to roll out the page in France, India and the UK by the end of the week, with a mobile version also coming soon.Currently the new Yahoo home page is an beta; If you like to check the new layout then try this yahoo

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