Intex has launched its latest the dual SIM capable (both GSM) handset IN 4470 in India. This phone Intex IN 4470 makes your pockets lighter by just Rs. 3,650. The phone is social networking ready and comes with Widgets for Facebook, Google and Yahoo.

Intex IN 4470 Features:

  •   The Intex IN 4470 has a 2.4-inch screen with support for 65k (which is less for a screen that size).
  •  It supports a multi-language user interface and SMS text in four Indian languages – Bengali, Arabic, Hindi and English.
  •  It also include support for FM Radio, a fully equipped music player and video player.
  •  The phone supports Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP.
  •  It has support for memory expansion up to 4GB – with microSD cards.
  •  The phone has two cameras – both of them with a paltry VGA resolution.
  • This Phone also boasts with a feature called UM (U & Me) Chat. UM (U & Me) Chat: – A live video chat feature that can support up to 4 people conferencing simultaneously.
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