Olive Enhance the Dual SIM technology into Triple SIM phones. Olive Enhance the Dual SIM technology. Today the mobile phones having Dual SIM technology is widely used. Hence the Olive taken a step forward and created the first triple SIM phones or handsets that can operate well with 3 SIM.

The company Olive is the first company that will forays these type of phone into India. This first triple SIM phone is called as V-Wiz GC800. This V-GC800 Young looks set to favor most of the users

Features of Olive V-Wiz GC800:

    *  It has a Qwerty keyboard (no touchscreen)

    *  It has a 2 megapixel camera.

    *  For memory microSD slot is used it can store up to 4GB.

    *  This Phone is integrated with social networks and more.

    * The price of the V-Wiz GC800 will be around INR 6000 in India.