Search Engine Giant Google rolled out a new search interface as part of its efforts to optimize the relevance of online queries.

Google’s revised search function offers more real-time content. It discovers a lot of real-time content. The New search function can also search for content on Facebook and Twitter. This new search interface launched for a big step toward goal.

It helps to make the users feel that Google has been progressing and getting smarter. The main focus on relevance, getting users exactly what they want as fast as possible, is where Google think the future of search will be.

To keep pace with rapid change online Google have teams of engineers working across Google to develop new ways to present and refine search results. The central challenge with our latest redesign was to figure out how to squeeze all these tools and technologies into a single page

This particular change in no way changes the ranking or the way in which we either show or research results or ads. Now users can search for images of an object by choosing different colors in the image-search category. The Google has rolled out the new navigation feature for mobile phones as well.

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  1. I don't like Googles new look. I've been using lately. Google prob won't miss me ;).

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