Sony Ericsson had launched the Xperia. Though it was bulky and atrociously priced, the Xperia X10 have surely managed to impress many.

The X10 appears much sleeker and refined with its dazzling large 4 display. With a slim profile of just 13 mm it fits easily in your pocket, it lays the beauty of the X 10. Starting using the features like message or mail, the huge screen size comes add extra advantage. On the side panels as usual you’ll find the volume adjuster and the camera shortcut. An exciting features of the X10 is its Times cape application which combines your messages, alerts, and contacts into a steady stream of communication. Xperia X10 has a very effective app which organizes your entire communication portfolio in a very simplified and easy to find manner.

* The large screen in turn has a very rich resolution of 854 x 480 pixels which does a good job in displaying images, videos and graphics.

* It comes with touch interface which is very impressive, even at the farthest corners of the screen.

* The X10 even gets a normal 3.5 mm jack so you can now plug in your favorite headsets.