AOL has working on Code-named Project Phoenix, the site which makes easier to fire off a quick e-mail, text or instant message. People can send short replies right from the inbox, without having to click on a message.

The new design displays thumbnails of recent photo attachments at a glance. Project Phoenix lets people link up their free e-mail accounts from Microsoft, Yahoo and Google.

In future versions, AOL plans to pull in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn messages, too.

The new AOL brings you: The news stories you need to know about, Local news, including Patch and City’s Best. One-click quick access to AOL Mail and AIM. Lots of video, including AOL Original videos, The stories everyone’s talking about in the Daily Buzz, A view of what your friends are sharing, brought to you by AOL Lifestream. A section of the page dedicated to worthy causes.

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