Xbox 720 to launch on 2013
Xbox 720 to launch on 2013

Microsoft is trying to launch the Xbox 720 on 2013 Christmas. Xbox World said that XBOX 720 will come with more new features, including Kinect 2.0, a Blu-ray drive, an enhanced controller. It also unveiled that it will have an A/V port for watching and recording broadcast TV shows.

There are speculation that software giant could unveil the next Xbox at the E3 show in June. There are other news that Microsoft will host the event specifically geared toward the console.

The Xbox 720 is an upcoming Microsoft video game console. Xbox 720 will be enhanced with improved draw distance, better speed, additional functionality with the new controller.

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  1. I'm excited to learn such amazing news. I'm using my Xbox 360 since long time and looking for an upgrade version. It's good to see Xbox 720 is on its way to Christmas season. I'm desperately looking forward to grab this giant gaming console. Thanks.

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