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Java 21: A New Release from Oracle and Microsoft

Java enthusiasts, rejoice! Oracle and Microsoft have joined forces to bring you the latest release: Java 21. This collaboration aims to enhance the Java programming language and provide developers with even more tools and capabilities.With Java 21, you can expect improved performance, increased security, and enhanced developer productivity. Oracle and Microsoft have worked together to optimize the virtual machine, making your Java applications run faster and more efficiently.Security has always been a top priority for Java, and Java 21 is no exception. The new release includes advanced security features, such as improved encryption algorithms and enhanced access controls, to keep[more...]
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Microsoft Announces Exciting New AI Event

Microsoft Announces Exciting New AI EventToday, Microsoft made a groundbreaking announcement that has sent shockwaves through the tech industry. The company is hosting a brand new AI event that promises to showcase the latest advancements in artificial intelligence.The event, aptly named 'AI Revolution', will bring together some of the brightest minds in the field of AI to discuss and demonstrate the incredible potential of this cutting-edge technology. With keynote presentations, panel discussions, and hands-on workshops, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from the experts and explore the future of AI.Key Highlights of 'AI Revolution'One of the key highlights of[more...]

Microsoft Xbox 720 to launch on 2013

[caption id="attachment_3856" align="alignright" width="302"] Xbox 720 to launch on 2013[/caption] Microsoft is trying to launch the Xbox 720 on 2013 Christmas. Xbox World said that XBOX 720 will come with more new features, including Kinect 2.0, a Blu-ray drive, an enhanced controller. It also unveiled that it will have an A/V port for watching and recording broadcast TV shows. There are speculation that software giant could unveil the next Xbox at the E3 show in June. There are other news that Microsoft will host the event specifically geared toward the console. The Xbox 720 is an upcoming Microsoft video game[more...]

Microsoft plans to release the final version of its free antivirus software soon

Microsoft first announced its plans for free security software, the code-named Morro, last November, at the same time the company said it was scrapping its paid Windows Live OneCare product. Microsoft plans to release the final version of its free antivirus software soon, according to a note sent to testers late Sunday. Public beta testing of Security Essentials started in June, with Microsoft reaching its goal of 75,000 testers just one day after it issued a call for them. After some care consideration the final version of Microsoft Security Essentials will be released to the public in the coming weeks

Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2010 Beta and .NET Framework 4.0 Beta- Available For Downloads

Microsoft has released the first Beta version of its next-generation development platform and tools. Visual Studio 2010 Beta and .NET Framework 4.0 Beta are now available for download, in the first phase of broadening the testing process. For the time being, access to the Beta bits is limited to just MSDN subscribers. The public downloads of Visual Studio 2010 Beta and .NET Framework 4.0 Beta are not that far behind. In fact, the software giant plans to start serving the Beta for the successors of Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 tomorrow, May 20, 2009. The .NET Framework is[more...]