How to recover your lost iPhone files
How to recover your lost iPhone files

Almost everyone now own or at least has owned an iPhone, it’s definitely one of the most must have gadgets for any tech savvy person. It’s very sleek, pretty and very simple to use, even kids can easily use and utilize almost of the iPhones features due to its very user friendly design. The only gripe for a lot of users is that using your iPhone requires you to use iTunes which a lot of people finds very confusing to use.  Backing up your iPhone seems very hard and confusing to most people, and most people end up not being able to back up there phones due to iTunes not being very user friendly.

And not being able to back up their iPhones can prove disastrous if anything happens to your phone, although losing the data on your iPhone due to a virus is very unlikely because so far there is virtually no virus designed directly at iPhones due to Apples very tight security, on both software and hardware. Still, if you lose data on your IPhone without having a backup from iTunes you will lose all your music, photos, contacts and other essential stuff that you save in your phone. Accidentally reformatting your iPhone is the most common cause for losing all the data on your smart phone.

There are data recovery services for the iPhone but almost all of them will cost you, thankfully, there is free iPhone data recovery available for PC users, even though the program is free, you might think this should be a paid software because of the features it has available for you. With this software you will be able to recover all your contacts, sms, notes, videos and photos from your iPhone.

And with this data recovery suite, there is also a free iPhone recovery for Mac users, it’s touted as the most reliable free iPhone/iPad/iPod touch data recovery for Mac users. With this software for Mac, you will be able to recover Messages, your Contact lists, your  Photos, Videos, Notes, Call history, Calendar, Reminders, Safari Bookmarks from all your iOS devices. You will be able to retrieve lost iOS data due to restoring factory settings, from an un successful jailbreak, virus attack or data corruption caused by damage to the unit from falling to the ground. With just a few simple clicks, you can have your data back up and running on your iPhones, iPods, iPads and even iPad minis.

Restoring lost files and other important data from your iPhones and other iOS devices like iPods, iPads and iPad minis is very easy and can be done with just a few simple clicks. But if you are having trouble recovering your files and other data from your iOS device, not all is lost, there are very helpful tutorials out there on how do these. There are even tutorials on how to backup a dead iPhone so you will be able to recover all your important files or data from your dead iOS device and transfer it the data to another ios device like a new iPhone, iPad, iPod or iPad mini.