Thomson is very old and best company, had a reputation in olden days. Thomson television features Boasting 4K UHD resolution and technologies such as Dolby Vision and HDR10, this 108 cm (43) TV will leave you speechless with its visuals. This TV’s Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology will ensure smoother frames, even for fast-moving scenes, by minimizing lag. This makes you feel like you are looking at something in real life.

Few observation are noted below for Thomson OATHPRO 2000.

  • Smart Android OS is 9.0(Pie).
  • HDMI supports ARC/CEC
  • Wireless network WLAN connects very fast,
  • Fast buffering for You tube.
  • SD ok ok, HD, FHD looks great, Blue Ray, 4K looks awesome.
  • Free Dish DTH standard Detonation TV also looks great.
  • Remote built quality is average.
  • Remote signal works from any corner, long distance, easy remote operation.
  • TV is light weight and easy to handle.
  • Viewing angel is fantastic
  • 40 Inches looks fab, like Movie Theater in dark room.
  • Wired Keyboard and mouse works perfectly.
  • Radio also nice but need earphone cable attached, like mobile needs to start radio.
  • Buy Extended warranty and use tension free.

All needs of decent family and a smart TV to connect mobile are fulfilled, its Best TV for smart price and Great Quality.