WiMAX Technology In India will spur growth

A global debate is still on, but most experts consider technologies like WiMAX close to fourth generation (4G) services, offering better speeds than 3G on GSM networks. It is constrained by the fact that it does not provide enough mobility currently and experiments are on in some countries to offer full mobile voice and data service on such networks.

Intel to be in talks with leading Indian telecom companies like Tata Communications (formerly VSNL), Bharti Airtel and Reliance Communications that could bid for broadband wireless access (BWA) spectrum to be auctioned by the government in January 2010.

Talks are currently centered on Intel offering Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access or WiMAX (which provides for wireless transmission of data and up to 75 Mb/sec speed) technology one of the popular BWA technologies to the operator.

Intel also plans to follow a grouping approach in India to roll out WiMAX-based broadband services in India, similar to its approach to the US and other markets, including Japan, where it has partnered with the likes of Google and Sprint.

The Department of Telecommunications recently released the information memorandum to auction spectrum for third generation (3G) and BWA services.

Last December, state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, had invited bids from potential franchisees to provide mobile WiMAX to its customers in 16 circles last December.

Around 28 companies, including majors like Intel Technology India, Alacatel-Lucent India, Motorola India, Moser Baer Industrial Infrastructure, Huawei, HCL Infosystems, Larsen & Toubro Infotech and TCIL, figured among those who bought the tender documents.

The government hopes that by auctioning BWA spectrum, broadband through wireless technology would spur growth.

Sony Ericsson launched three new smartphones named as Satio, Aino and Yari

Sony Ericsson launched three new smartphones named as Satio, Aino and Yari in the Indian market.

President of Sony Ericsson Mobile in India said that these Phones will set the trend for the new age smart phones. Now company would focus on the smart phone category for the next two-three years to boost sales. Once the 3G spectrum allocation happens, we can roll out more features with better network

The Satio has the features of 3.5-inch screen and offers a 16:9 widescreen format with 12.1 mega pixel camera. It comes with priced tag of Rs.35,950

The Aino has the feature to access content stored on a PlayStation 3 from anywhere in the world through a Wi-Fi connection. It also gives remote play access to videos, television shows and photos. The mobile has an 8 mega pixel camera. It comes with priced tag of Rs.28,950.

The Yari has the features gaming that enable users to make the moves in front of the screen and play games without even touching the phone. The mobile has an 8 mega pixel camera. It comes with priced tag of Rs.16,950.

Sony Ericsson’s strengthened in music, imaging, gaming, applications and content services with this three new phones bring alive entertainment on the go for consumers.

Microsoft’s Windows 7 becomes more popular on first weekend release

Microsoft’s Windows 7 is consider to be the most successful OS launch. Windows 7’s first weekend among the public looks very good. A good thing is that the company’s revenue was attributed to Windows 7 pre-sales worth about $3 billion.

Microsoft also offer deals to students looking to get a copy of Windows and this time around was no exception. Microsoft offered a Windows 7 upgrade to students for $29.99. Students were able to download the discounted OS from a dedicated Website starting October 23rd 2009.

Now Getting Windows 7 on a netbook using a flash drive was possible before, but Microsoft’s new tool makes it that much easier. The new tool also fits into Microsoft’s goal of getting Windows 7 on as many netbooks as possible.

As the weekend progressed, four separate issues surfaced, including Windows 7 installs getting hung up and corrupted download files. Two issues involved users trying to upgrade from a 32-bit operating system to Windows 7’s 64-bit version. Microsoft has posted information and solutions for these issues on this forum thread.

The launch saw some unexpected glitches, and some compatibility issues still need to be resolved. So far, Windows 7 news has seen a mix of positive reviews. However many Windows users around the globe have been itching to get their hands on the new operating system.

Google social search go live as a Google Labs project on Monday

Google now ready to show its new concept for social search, which will go live as a Google Labs project on Monday.

Google Social Search links the concepts of so-called real-time search with Google Profiles and custom search results, allowing searchers to find content created by friends or contacts with Google Profiles.

Google Social Search was developed separately without the Twitter deal in mind,. The opt-in service provides your Gmail contacts and friends on public social-networking services with the content you’ve linked to your Google Profile, such as blogs, Twitter or Friendfeed accounts, or any number of published materials.Those links will be placed at the bottom of the search results page for now.

Public social-networking content from friends of friends will also be available through this service, with a description of how that person’s content is linked to your network appearing within the search result.

Pros and cons of Nokia 2220 slider Mobile phone

The Nokia 2220 slider is expected to hit the stores before the advent of the New Year. The handset will be made available in black, white, blue, green and violet colors during launch. The Nokia 2220 slider will be of reasonable price $100.

Features of Nokia 2220 slider:

  • The entry level Nokia 2220 slider mobile phone is based on S40

  • It supports dual band GSM connectivity (900/1800 MHz).

  • The Nokia handset features 128 x 160 TFT display

  • Nokia 2220 slider comes with 10MB of internal memory.

  • The Nokia 2220 slider handset packages a 3.5mm headset jack, an FM radio, Opera Mini along with a VGA camera.

  • Battery offers up to 8 hours of talktime and around 400 hours of standby time.

The only cons of Nokia 2220 slider is it does not seem to offer a comprehensive multimedia experience.

AMD launches low-power triple and quad-core processors

The AMD Athlon II processor family now delivers high-performance, low-power dual-, triple- and quad-core processors to meet a range of computing needs. This variety and value enables OEMs and system builders to develop compelling PC solutions that address the market shift to power efficient, innovative PC designs optimized for Windows 7.1. The processors run at speeds between 2.2GHz and 2.9GHz and draw up to 95 Watts of power.

AMD said the chips are designed to go into desktops and new PC form factors including all-in-one and small desktops. Users will be able to see 3D graphics on PCs powered by the new processors. With this AMD Unveils addition of the ATI Radeon HD 5700 series, AMD is providing PC gamers and multimedia enthusiasts with four great choices to fully enjoy the Microsoft Windows 7 experience.

Google and Acer Jointly ready to market the first set of Android netbook Aspire One AOD 250

android_netbookGoogle and Acer Jointly ready to market the first set of Android netbook called the Aspire One AOD 250. Though Google is leaving no stones unturned for promoting its web browser Google Chrome, this netbook is not loaded with Google’s famous web browser Google Chrome from this package. it seems that Mozilla Firefox gets to be the official web browser for Android Operating system. Android OS from Google is widely used in smartphones and Google now powers netbooks with the same technology.

The Android netbooks will ship with Windows in dual-boot configurations.Users can also choose to use the much popular Windows XP in these netbooks.

Twitter teamed up with Indian network carrier company Airtel

Airtel to introduce SMS tweets. Presently, the ‘tweeting’ service in India works only on a web or a WAP site.The SMS service by means of Twitter was earlier launched in several countries including US, Canada, New Zealand and the UK. A year ago, Twitter SMS updates were available in India but later Twitter suspended the SMS updates because of the cost associated with them.

According to the Official Twitter Blog, Airtel subscribers can now send tweets at standard rates and receive tweets for free. Users can send tweets from their Airtel mobile phones just for Re. 1. Now Airtel user can check out the Twitter service by texting START to 53000 by means of their handset.

Airtel tie-up with Twitter would be exclusive just for four weeks, indicating that after that period, the service may also be offered by other service providers in India.

Bharti Airtel is offering people in every city, village, remote taluk and even the smallest panchayat, the chance to connect to Twitter with no additional fees.

Features of Latest arrival Karbonn K560 and K460

The Latest Company Karbonn arrives into the great Indian mobile phone market. The new models from Karbonn are Karbonn K560 and K460. The prices of all existing Karbonn phones range between Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 5,000.

Features of Karbonn K560:

The K560 happens to be a touchscreen enabled dual SIM handset.

It features a decent MP3 player with a whacky looking interface that represents each song in the form of a disc when played.

Other features include FM radio, recording, video player, A2DP Bluetooth and GPRS (Class12).

The phone comes with an entry-level 2-megapixel camera and supports upto 8GB of memory.

Features of Karbonn K460:

The K460 is a slider phone boasting of a 300 hour standby time.

The K460 is similar to the K560 with FM Radio, recording, MP3 player, video player, camera, WAP, GPRS, MMS support making it into the features list.

K460 also has an expandable memory upto 8GB.

Motorola Looking to launch seven new phones in India

Motorola the world’s fastest growing cellular telephony market, are looking to launch seven new handsets in the next three months in India. The ZN 300 and the MotoYuva WX generation were created in response to the need to stay connected and the variety of ways in which we do it today.

The launch of new phones has been timed in tandem with the festival season ahead. The new phones are in the low-end to mid segment in the price range of Rs 3,500 and Rs 8,000. Most of these phones are in Motorola’s Yuva series, considered as entry level phones. It is seems to be the seven handsets with a range of features that provide an option affordable to everyone.