Microsoft’s Windows 7 is consider to be the most successful OS launch. Windows 7’s first weekend among the public looks very good. A good thing is that the company’s revenue was attributed to Windows 7 pre-sales worth about $3 billion.

Microsoft also offer deals to students looking to get a copy of Windows and this time around was no exception. Microsoft offered a Windows 7 upgrade to students for $29.99. Students were able to download the discounted OS from a dedicated Website starting October 23rd 2009.

Now Getting Windows 7 on a netbook using a flash drive was possible before, but Microsoft’s new tool makes it that much easier. The new tool also fits into Microsoft’s goal of getting Windows 7 on as many netbooks as possible.

As the weekend progressed, four separate issues surfaced, including Windows 7 installs getting hung up and corrupted download files. Two issues involved users trying to upgrade from a 32-bit operating system to Windows 7’s 64-bit version. Microsoft has posted information and solutions for these issues on this forum thread.

The launch saw some unexpected glitches, and some compatibility issues still need to be resolved. So far, Windows 7 news has seen a mix of positive reviews. However many Windows users around the globe have been itching to get their hands on the new operating system.

By rajinfo