HP’s new notes are lower-cost versions of existing HP portables. In addition, HP also introduced four new green printers, some of which use less energy and are made with more recycled plastic than earlier models.

The Hp Pavilion dv2z starts at $599 and is a bargain version of HP’s Pavilion dv2, a mini-laptop that starts at $749. The slimmest and lightest of the new HP notes.

The Pavilion dv2z is less than an inch thick, weighs 3.81 pounds and has a 12.1-inch LED widescreen display. Options include Blu-ray support, discreet graphics, an AMD dual-core processor, and a 500GB hard drive.

The Pavilion dv3t is a bit thicker 1.25 inches and heavier about 5 pounds than the dv2z, but still light and small enough for the average backpack. Starting at $649, it’s the Pavilion dv3’s affordable and offers a few more features than the dv2z, including an integrated optical drive.

There are two new Pavilion dv6t portables, including the standard model starting at $649 with a 16-inch LED widescreen display and a separate numeric keypad for number-crunching. The dv6t Artist Edition 2 starting at $949 features the winning design from the 2008 HP MTV Notebook Design Contest.

The Artist Edition comes with a fairly impressive bundle of entertainment and art-oriented apps, including Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2, Video Studio X2, and Painter Sketchpad. The Pavilion dv2z and dv6t Artist Edition 2 and will be available June 10 at HPDirect.com. Availability dates of the Pavilion dv3t and dv6t still not yet announced.