Earlier Google translate, allowed users to translate and read Web sites and plain text in a number of languages. The new translator toolkit targets users who want to edit and polish the translated text, and share or publish it. This toolkit is likely to be useful to publishers of news sites who now can target new audiences with local language editions at a lower cost.

Google’s statistical machine translation technology is trained using parallel streams of text in both the original language and the target language. Editing of machine translated text by users of the translator toolkit will help train the machine translation technology to a higher degree of accuracy.

Google’s Indian R&D lab developed the new product, which is the latest of a number of tools developed by Google in India to improve access to content in local languages.

The products, like Google’s transliteration application, are built in India, and are inspired by problems in India, but are designed to have global relevance. Instead of re-creating content in local languages, Google translate and the translator toolkit allow people to translate existing content.

The translator toolkit supports 47 languages, including five Indian languages. it covers more than 98 percent of the world’s population.

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  1. This is far from new technology. I can't see the date of this release but translated text editing has been available on Interlecta's mobile translation applications since they exist on the market.

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