Now Verizon user can lay their hands on the compact, stylish and affordable latest innovation Nokia 2705 Shade flip phone. The flip phone is offered in two versions, with and without camera. The Nokia Shade with camera will be available online from October 6 and carries an affordable price tag of $29.99, with a new two year customer agreement. Verizon Wireless official website also retails Xpress-on changeable covers in blue, red and purple for $19.99 each.

Features of Nokia 2705 Shade flip phone:

The colorful 2705 is built with a large display and hoards around 1,000 contacts.

The Shade delivers around 300 minutes of usage time and up to 360 hours of standby time.

This flip phone sports a 1.3 megapixel camera and allows users to dress the handset with vibrant interchangeable covers.

The 2705 is inclusive of the standard text, picture and voice messaging capabilities and also offers access to mobile web.

The Nokia handset is Micro USB 2.0 compatible and supports Bluetooth headset, hands-free, phonebook access, basic printing, and object push (for vCard and vCalendar).

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