Nokia a Mobile phone maker giant has boasted its low-end portfolio with the unveiling of Nokia 2710 in the market. The Nokia 2710 Navigator branded handset comes pre-loaded with Nokia Maps with a lifetime maps license. The Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition is expected to be hit the market by the second quarter of 2010 for approximately Rs 7600.

Nokia 2710 features:

  •  It includes turn-by-turn driving navigation with full voice guidance, which recalibrates routes depending on the driver’s current GPS location.
  •  Nokia 2710 boasts of a 2.2 inch display and a 2 megapixel camera.
  • It has 2GB MicroSD card with the phone
  •  It claims an 18 day standby time and a 4.3 hour talktime.
  • The Nokia phone has a 3.5mm jack as well as a car cradle that users can use while on the move.
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  2. good future ! The Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition will also come with a car charger and a car cradle (pictured above) along with a lifetime navigation license.

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