Nokia Comes into 12 MP camera phones Club

Nokia, a world largest mobile phone maker is to launch its 12 MP N87 camera phone in the markets soon. This will be the next big camera phone after N86, which is an 8 MP camera phone in Nokia series.

So many companies like Samsung and Sony Ericsson have already launched 12 MP camera phones. Now its time for Nokia will jump to this section with the introduction of its N87 set. The new N87camera phone is expected to hit the markets in later December 2009

Features of New N87 camera phone:

  •   The new N87 camera phone will sport a dual slider design with a 3.2 inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen display.
  •  It includes, 16GB of internal memory, dual LED and Xenon flash.
  • The new set is expected to be powered with a 600MHz processor.
  •  The phone will be loaded with the Symbian user interface.

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    well, camera phones always come in handy whenever there are important events and parties

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    camera phones are very popular coz everyon likes to take pictures

  3. Owen Bell

    camera phones are very convenient coz they can take picture and calls at the same time,:'

  4. Leo King

    Camera phones are in great demand these days, i own at least two of them.`:

  5. Digital Camera Deals

    Wow! 12 megapixels with a phone. At this rate, digital cameras will soon be obsolete

  6. novi mobiteli

    There was a video of some drawings of this phone on YouTube but it was removed due to reactions from Nokia. If it is true it sounds nice.

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    Wow ! that’s great …..hope to expect more

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