Nokia and Vodafone have joined their hands to offer speedy internet service in India.The service would be starting with Nokia N97 devices and later it would be available on other Nokia make cell phones.

Nokia and Vodafone Essar have collaborated to offer Indian customers a smooth and speedy internet experience on their handsets. This initiative will starts off with the highly exciting Nokia N97 devices. Users will obtain loads of information by accessing the internet with efficient while traveling. The Nokia N97 will enable greater internet connectivity, and hence we are coming up with special data plans to make accessing information on the net easier.

V Ramnath, Director Operator Channels, Nokia India, said that the Internet is now an everyday part of people’s lives, something they can’t live without and devices such as the Nokia N97 give them greater freedom to be always switched on. Customers will enjoy browsing the internet 24×7 on the N97 phone they will obtain an exclusive free data plan for three months. It will provide high speed internet at 2.75G speed and Edge networks.

The Nokia N97 introduces the concept of social location. With integrated A-GPS sensors and an electronic compass, the Nokia N97 mobile computer intuitively understands where it is. The Nokia N97 makes it easy to update social networks automatically with real-time information, giving approved friends the ability to update their status and share their social location as well as related pictures or videos. The home screen of the Nokia N97 mobile computer features the people, content and media that matter the most. Friends, social networks and news are available by simply touching the home screen.

The store offers a collection of applications, games, videos and podcats. It also includes productivity tools, web with location based services and more. It provides paid and free content from a series of global and local content providers and developers. Facebook, Paramount Pictures and Twitter applications are the inclusive content developers and providers. Indian customers in particular will get an option of 50 free to download items by Indian developers under the aegis of Forum Nokia.

This service is expected to be available in India by next week through all Vodafone Stores offering Nokia phones.