Nokia on Wednesday launched the new addition to its E-series range, Nokia E75.

The latest model Nokia E75 offers Nokia Messaging Service, which will allow users to send e-mails while on the move.

Nokia India marketing director Vineet Taneja said that today’s world Business mobility is now a necessity. We plan to partner with telecom operators to provide this phone to the end consumers.

The Nokia E75 boasts of full desktop e-mail functionality along with both standard keypad and qwerty keypad to give an ease-of-use experience to the customer.

The Nokia E75 phone supports high standard multimedia experience with 3.2 megapixel camera, autofocus, flash and comes integrated with a music player, media player, FM and internet radio,

Nokia E75 Priced at Rs.26,299, the phone will support all features of messaging services such as e-mail solutions like – Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail, Sify and others.

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  2. how do i unlock my New zealand vodaphone Nokia 3120c ?? please help

    hhmm 3120, sounds like a older phone which you should be able to download key generator programs for the IMEI number to generate you the unlock code. You would need to research the software to do this yourself.

  3. I have been using Nokia e-75 for a while now; however I find that the speed of the processor is pretty slower as compared to my old cell. Can it be upgraded to fix my issue; else I might have to dump this.

  4. Cool phone! I would love to have this, and this will sure be my next choice when I buy a new phone, good review too.

  5. Good one thanks

    also in case anyone wants to know how to configure vodafone GPRS for free on windows mobile then please e-mail for step to step details

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