Google has broken all walls in internet and created a foundation with it’s innovations, allowing itself to not only become number one in the search category, but one of the best email services available, with Gmail.

Google did not stop here. Google unveiled the mighty Google Chrome browser, which has become a powerhouse in competing with the number one ranked Mozilla Firefox, and the original Internet Explorer from Microsoft. Google for the last year, have been implementing Android Google based mobile operating systems into cell phones, and have claimed a huge amount of market share in the ever growing handheld/mobile industry.

The highly anticipated Google operating system for personal computers, which has reach the markets a day before. It promised a linux-based engine. This new OS will be another breakthrough for the powerhouse ran by Eric Schmidt, which many expect to be a huge success. The code-named Chrome OS will be seen, as Linux based operating systems and open source platforms have been available for a very long time, free of charge, and have yet to hold a firm grip upon the market.

Now Google gave the world a first look at the Chrome OS. Chromium OS is so simple. The OS adds features such as a battery life indicator and window management, but lacks a few standards.

A big advantage to Chrome is that the cloud-based model has the potential for extremely fast computing, including a boot time as short as three seconds.

This is a very early version of the OS. Google said the OS is subject to quite a bit of change before an official release next year.

If you are interested in installing Google Chrome OS then learn how to install Google Chrome OS in my coming post –a complete guide to install Google Chrome OS.

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  1. i have tested chrome os both at home and at work, it does not seem to be better than ubuntu"*.

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