Sony new PlayStation Vita

The Sony new PlayStation Vita is the new PlayStation device which had launched in the market.

The Sony new PlayStation Vita is the successor to Sony’s seven-year-old PlayStation Portable, and faces a vastly changed digital landscape.

The Sony new PlayStation Vita features four iconic PlayStation buttons, the following: two joysticks, a directional control pad, left- and right-shoulder buttons, a six-axis motion detection system, front and rear facing cameras and a bright five-inch touchscreen. The Vita with every kind of technology, controller and capability that might conceivably keep you amused.

The PlayStation Vita is also compatible with the games already available for the PlayStation Portable. The all new sony vita includes a Web browser, as well as access to thousands of movies and TV episodes through the Sony Entertainment Network. This helps to have a mature target audience. This new device has a variety and complexity of controls.

Vita games are available both on physical media and also can be download from the online PlayStation Store.

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    This PS vita looks tiny, i think it is to compete with the nintendo?

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