Cisco has introduced the FlipShare TV, a new device that connects to a users HDTV (or plain old TV) and enables users to put their Flip-shot videos and photographs on the big screen. Flip Video was recently acquired by networking giant Cisco.

The FlipShare TV connects to televisions or HDTVs via composite or HDMI cables. Users transfer video and images to the device using a FlipShare TV USB key that pops into a PC or Mac: just put the key into a PC or Mac running the included FlipShare 5.0 software, and the USB key communicates wirelessly with the FlipShare TV to put images and video on the television without using a Wi-Fi network.

It also enables users to share their videos and image s with other FlipShare TV owners. The people at Flip see the FlipShare TV as an easy way to share video with friends and family. The Flipshare TV is available in major electronics retailers for a suggested price of $149.99.

Cisco consumer products senior VP Jonathan Kaplan, in a statement said that now it become a simple and affordable solution to view and share photos and videos on any TV.

Users can navigate photos and images using the included remote control, without having to worry about what their computer is doing.