Google’s going release Chrome 3.0 browser which can help bring big changes to the evolving browser market.

Chrome 3.0 browser promises improved performance and a host of new features. Chrome holds about 3 percent of the global browsing market, according to July data from Web metrics company Stat Counter. Now several factors are working in Google’s favor. The browser has seen significant growth during its first year. Google just inked a deal to have Chrome preinstalled on Sony Vaio PCs and is actively working to secure similar arrangements with other manufacturers.

Plenty of people tend to use whatever browser comes on their system by default, so having Chrome in front of their faces could put Google in a powerful position. The debut of Google’s Chrome OS, which will ship initially on netbooks, will only add to that effect. Internet Explorer the long-reigning king of the browser market has lost 12.4 percent of its user base. Firefox, at the same time, has grown its share by 17 percent, while Opera has nearly doubled its position. Certainly Chrome is in a position to take advantage of browser market.

By rajinfo