Seagate Branded Solutions senior VP Terry Cunningham said that The FreeAgent Theater provides the easiest way to view and enjoy video and photos on your HDTV. Simply load up a Seagate FreeAgent Go hard drive and drop it into the FreeAgent Theater+ HD media player dock.

Seagate, which offers hard disk drives and storage solutions, has unveiled its new FreeAgent Theater+ HD media player. This is being positioned as the next generation home theater solution and the aim is to instantly and easily connect the user’s digital media library to the home entertainment system. After loading the drive with movies, videos, music and pictures from the home PC, one slides it into the FreeAgent Theater+ dock to get access to digital media library.

The Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ HD media player includes two additional USB ports for connecting other USB attached storage devices. Also incorporated into FreeAgent Theater+ is an Ethernet port for network connectivity, which allows access to digital media through the home network.