Now Twitter would offer two minute phone calls totally free to the registered users without exchanging their telephone numbers.

This facility, to be launched by online telephony site Jajah, is set to become a next big thing on the dating domain. Jajah and Twitter recently signed an agreement for offering calling solutions to Twitter. Trevor Healy, Jajah CEO said that The Jajah IP Communications Platform is chosen by carriers, mobile operators and online companies around the world who leverage not just our carrier-grade network, but our ability to develop proven, market-ready solutions that add value for their customers and their businesses.

Twitter users require registering their mobile numbers at the website which will allow users to make call to their followers. Call will automatically disconnect after two minutes and no bonus minutes would be provided.
Users require sending a Twitter message (tweet) with ‘@call @username’ to another follower.
The facility is under trials in US while soon introduced in Australia.

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