As per the survey the recent market share estimates from NetApplications, Internet Explorer has 61.2 percent, compared to 24.2 percent for its closest competitor Firefox. Internet Explorer (IE’s) share slides every month, and the browser now faces tougher competition from Google Chrome. Microsoft still has a wide lead in the browser wars.

When it comes to user interface and security Chrome and Firefox are likely to say that something just feels faster about their browsers. Chrome ahead of the pack and Firefox in front of Internet Explorer. Microsoft’s tackling the issues that have held its browser back from greatness. IE8 got creative with accelerators and Web slices. Microsoft, found that Internet Explorer 8 was the safest browser. Internet Explorer 8 lagged behind other browsers on speed and support for new technology.

With IE9, Microsoft’s showing willingness to maintain the firm position in web browser. With improved speed and support for HTML 5, Internet Explorer 9 could be Microsoft’s next step.